Available Services at iDoctor:

When you’re in need of repair services for your cell phone, tablet, or iPod, depend on the professionals at iDoctor. We are your one-stop tech repair shop with locations in Granbury & Mansfield Texas, Canõn City, Colorado and our newest location,opening soon, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  From cracked screens, faulty batteries and much more, you can rely on us for solutions to all of the most common issues with your devices.

iDotor Smart Phone Repair

At iDoctor, we fix smartphones of all makes and models. Our technicians are here to save your mobile life when damage to your smartphone is preventing you from getting the most out of your device.

iDoctor Apple Watch

If a cracked screen or depleted battery has you stressed, let iDoctor relieve you! We can replace the broken display, battery, or both! Why wait weeks for repair when we can get you in and out in the same day in most cases?

iDoctor Tablet Repair

When your iPad or tablet is suffering from a faulty battery or shattered screen, have no fear. iDoctor is here to help with all of these issues and more. We offer iPad repair services with a 1-3 day turn around.

iDoctor iPod Repair

Is a damaged iPod or MP3 player preventing you from jamming out? Don’t sweat it! iDoctor can replace the screen of most touch screen iPods. After a quick repair from the techs at iDoctor, your device will be ready to rock!

iDoctor Latop Screen Repair

From your professional life to your personal life, you depend on your computer for a lot. Cracked or damaged screens are easily replaced. Instead of buying a new laptop, enlist the help of iDoctor for all of your screen repair needs.

iphone glass.jpg

No one wants glass in their fingers! We are now offering back glass replacement on all iPhone models.